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Healthcare Accommodations Webinar

Patients, parents, and practitioners can find themselves in quite the bind when it comes to having successful experiences in healthcare settings. The variables of complexity can be compounded when individuals experience behavioral complexity and sensory sensitivities that can often co-occur in individuals with autism. This introductory video reviews some survey data and suggestions to improve healthcare experiences for all. This video is password-protected; if you need access, please click to email




After watching the webinar, please complete the following survey to provide feedback: 

 Social Communication and Reinforcement in the Home

Working to help children with language delays develop communication in the home can be an overwhelming task. This presentation will provide parents and instructors with functional tools for increasing communication, improving sibling interaction, and decreasing problem behavior in the home environment through set strategies and systems. 

The Parentcast Episode with iHeartMedia

The Parentcast is an audio/video podcast hosted by Abby Krizner of 105.9 The X and Bill Crawford of WDVE, about the joys and challenges of being a parent. In this episode, Rachel talks about positive reinforcement and strategies that could change the behavior game.

Media Reports on PBS
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