Pittsburgh Behavioral Services have always dreamed of opening a school. In August 2021our dreams came true as we opened the doors of Pittsburgh ABA for the first time. PGH ABA is a school program is licensed through the PA Department of Education as a Certified Private Academic School. This school was designed and made in the mind of our learners so that they would be able to access an education inclusive for them. 

Our Goal

The goal of the program is to provide families access to a high-quality educational experience that provides research validated, exceptional, multidisciplinary support and services to meet both the child and the families’ needs. Although inclusion and inclusive educational experiences are something we value for all communities and people groups, we also recognize that for some seasons and circumstances, access to specialized high-quality services may be a priority for some children and families, and inclusion may be a secondary consideration. We recognize this need and want to be able to help families fill the gap. 


The curricular program for our Pre-K/Kindergarten program is aligned with the Pennsylvania state standards. However we focus on supporting children in meeting goals based on individualized assessment results. A carefully crafted schedule has been developed for each child with an emphasis on natural environment teaching approaches. We also take great care to provide enough opportunities and repetition to make learning easy and fun for all! Scientifically proven interventions guide the educational team in supporting some of the most complex learners. The educational staff relies heavily on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to guide instruction, group skills, play, self-care, and the development of social skills. The guidance and support of the related disciplines of speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, and physical therapy provides the children with the maximum opportunity to practice the skills that they need to develop. Each member of the multidisciplinary team will collaborate in the interventions that are most effective for the students, and engage in training that will allow everyone on the team to be successful.