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Children in Library

Core Philosophy 

The core philosophy consists of a behavioral approach to addressing individual needs. All clients needs’ will be assessed and addressed using the tools and technologies of applied behavior analysis. This methodology has consistently been proven in the literature as effective in treating a variety of populations and solving some of the world’s most complex issues (substance addiction, weight management, anxiety, language development, problem behavior, and much more).


Personal Growth of Clients​

Commitment to ongoing Research

Highly Trained Staff

The first thread is a commitment to personal growth of all clients through systematic teaching procedures and data collection focused at the appropriate instructional level identified through behavioral assessments and analytic analysis.


The second thread seen through all elements of the agency is the commitment to ongoing research and development. As participants in this service support system, individuals and families would be offered the opportunity to participate in research opportunities designed to improve the quality of instruction and skill development of individuals in this agency and throughout the world.


The final thread is a commitment to training. Highly trained staff with a commitment to professional growth and development will serve at the core of this program. The model will also serve as a training ground for future educators, behavior analysts, and clinical professionals. Internship opportunities would be available as open spots allow.

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