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On-site District/Program Services

Individual case consultation

Professional development for para-educators and teachers

Program development support and systems guidance

In-classroom coaching and guided practice

Monitoring, analysis, and reporting of learner and instructor outcomes

Urgent need behavioral consultation

Specific Areas of Instruction May Include

  • Individualized Assessment

  • Behavior Programs

  • Language and Speech Development Programs

  • Problem Solving and Intermediate/Advanced Language and Thinking Programs

  • Functional Skill Programs (self-care, toilet training, leisure skills)

  • Academic Skill Programs (reading, math, etc.)

  • Social Skills Training

  • Adult Living Programs (independent living & employment training)

  • Peer Support Program Development

  • Community-Based Instruction Program Alignment

  • Person-Centered Planning Program Alignment

  • Functional Inclusion in the General Education Environment

  • Classroom Management

  • Data Collection Systems

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